CodyHouse: A new handy component composer for your web

CodyHouse has released a new scss based framework with a great collection of handy tool which you can use to design the components of your web app. You can directly download the project and make it the base of your frontend project which provides lots of utility to begin with.

The framework serves three main purposes:

  1. Template – it provides you with a CSS template to speed up the first steps of setting up the style of a web project.
  2. Responsive – it includes smart rules that take care of several responsiveness aspects.
  3. Design system – it simplifies the process of creating the base of your design system.

Getting started tutorial:


Moreover, you can use already developed components by simply copy and pasting the scss and html from their vast collection of components. The authors are actively adding components to the library and the number is growing really fast.

Cofounder of CodyHouse , Claudia Romano is working on a color palette for CodyHouse components.

To learn more please visit, CodyHouse


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